Living with nuclear power

On a day of driving winds and torrential rain, a group of 24 people visited the Hunterston B nuclear power plant in Ayrshire.

This visit was part of an intensive five day Transmedia Production module delivered by the UWS Creative Media Academy as part of the EU-funded Honeycomb Creative Works project.

Edition Editors
Nick Higgins & Peter Snowdon

Guest Practitioners
Alain de Halleaux
Damien Smith
Mark Breslin
Chris Leslie
Zoe Irvine
Mitch Miller
Ian White

Michael Kelly / Liam Macleod
Fergus Costello / Enrico Francese
Alyne Jones / Amanda Mitchell
Neil Mullarkey / Justin Wilson
Gerry Cassidy / Aaron Carruthers
Catriona Weir / Herborg Hansen
Keir Roper-Caldbeck / Lindsay Goodall
Paul Copeland / Murray Buchanon
Elsi Vehkaniemi / Samantha Fernando
Jim Campbell / Julia Gay
Neil Mackinnon / Andy Jardine
Eileen Frater / Morag Paterson
Fiona Reid / Claire McNaught

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