As part of the Paisley Digital Art Commission, boredomresearch are running a series of workshops to engage the wider community in Paisley. The first workshop on the UWS Paisley campus involved both Computing and Digital Art students who worked together on creating a series of animated moving cogs, inspired by shapes and forms found within freshwater mussels.


Paisley Pearl2

Two further workshop are planned, one with a local secondary school (Johnstone High) and a craft workshop with older people at Paisley Museum on Friday 28 October: this workshop will be an all-day drop-in session, allowing the local community to drop in during the day to talk to the artists, find out more about the project, and get involved with some of the craft activities on offer.

All the work gathered from these workshops will be incorporated into the final artwork, available for public view at Paisley Museum from 2 November 2016 until the end of December.