Project Lead UWS

Professor Nick Higgins
Chair of Media Practice
Director, Creative Media Academy

Contributing staff UWS

Broadcast Production Programme Lead: Paul Tucker
Filmmaking & Screenwriting Programme Lead: Andrew Jarvis
Journalism Programme Lead: Elizabeth McLaughlin
Music Programme Lead: David Scott
Screen Performance Programme Lead: Stuart Hepburn
Digital Art Programme Lead: Robert Sutter
UWS technical & studio team: Keith Bird & Jamie Hare
Student Enhancement Officers: Clare Duffin & Rachael Flynn
Administration: Natalie McCluskey

Student Representatives

Over a period of 6 months in 2014 we involved students in a series of co-design workshops. Representatives from Filmmaking, TV, Radio, Journalism, Music, Digital Art and Performance all contributed to the final vision of and we would like to thank them all for their insight and generosity.


Damien Smith
Mark Breslin
Chris Third
Kim McNeil was made possible with support from the UWS Strategic Investment Fund.